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Getting Vendor Licenses - Black Hills & Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

We get asked this question a lot!   How do I setup a Booth at the Sturgis Rally? 

Here is Our Answer:   
  If you’ve not been to the Sturgis Rally before, plan to attend at least once to see how it’s all laid out.   There is NO Entrance Gate, NO Entrance Fee.  It’s an open atmosphere, where anyone with the Correct Licensing can setup shop and participate in the rally!
> You need the proper licenses
> You need to rent a space
> You need to be prepared with tents, awnings and everything else you’ll need to set up a sales booth.   
>There is no ‘Central Rally’ control or figure-head.  

 The Rally is more than just the city of Sturgis putting on a Sidewalk Exhibition. The Rally spreads out to wherever the people spread out to.   The  Rally includes ALL of the Black Hills, and its greater regions. 

 >> Meaning you can rent a booth-site anywhere you find agreeable space, anywhere within the greater Black Hills regions. The closer you get to downtown Sturgis, the higher the Booth sites get! 

*THEREFORE, find your space, and you’ll know what licenses you need to apply for. 

   Getting Licensed – for the 2024, 84th Sturgis Rally & Black Hills Rally

‘The Courts have stated that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a pluralistic endeavor promoted by multiple organizations.’
This Rally is Owned By The People, you can setup shop where you want (there are lots of places for rent) and sell what you want (within SD State/County/City laws) and you don’t need a ‘Special Rally Permit’, you simply need to be licensed for where ever you do business as any legal business.

Today, there are Sturgis Rally events from the Northern Black Hills to the Southern Black Hills. Once you have determined where your Vending spot will be, then you’ll know which licensing you will need. Last update 12-4-2021


1. You must have a SD State Vendor License
   >>>    https://dor.sd.gov/businesses/sturgis-motorcycle-rally/
     a)  SD Dept of Health (if you are vending food/edibles)
         >>>   https://doh.sd.gov/food/restaurants-lodging/temporary.aspx

     b)  Application for Temporary Manufacturer, Customizer, or Dealer Permit 
         >>>   https://doh.sd.gov/businesses/sturgis-motorcycle-rally

2. SD State Sales Tax Application
         >>>   https://dorresources.sd.gov/f/SturgisRallyApp
3. If you vend inside the City of Sturgis you will need a City License
         >>>   https://sturgismotorcyclerally.com/get-license/
4. If you are not vending within the City of Sturgis
         >>>   Contact the links below for specific vendor laws and regulations by region or town.
Meade County: (Including the Campgrounds and Businesses West of Sturgis)
>>>  https://www.MeadeCounty.org
> General Information: https://www.Meadecounty.org/rally
> Application for Meade County Vendor’s License: https://www.meadecounty.org/application-for-vendor-license

Cities: Sturgis, Piedmont, Summerset
City of Sturgis: (Required only if you’re vending inside the city of Sturgis)
> https://sturgismotorcyclerally.com/get-license/
> City of Piedmont http://www.PiedmontSD.com
> http://www.piedmontsd.com/ordinances.html
> City of Summerset https://www.Summerset.us/
> https://nebula.wsimg.com/61c796bc8a11411e2255903884b80ee8?AccessKeyId=1827892A2DC3F5DD9B4B&disposition=0&alloworigin=1