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Get a Sturgis Tattoo

So you want a Rally Tattoo!

Many bikers plan on getting a tattoo while attending the Sturgis Rally. Many decide at the last minute to get one while here. Either way there is a lot to consider, more than just what design you want and where. Do your research on designs, body location, facility, and artist.

First, are you sure you want a tattoo, tattoos are forever… (they can not always be easily or completely removed.)

The Design.
Some basic questions to consider:
  • Why do you want the tattoo… to memorize someone or something… to represent your personality, likes, wishes, dreams?
  • Do you want it realistic, cartoon, or abstract?
  • Do you want it multi-colored, grey-scale or single color?
  • Do you think you will always like this design even decades from now?

The Body Location.

  • Do you want it to be visible to you?
  • Do you want it to be visible to others?
  • Do you want the ability to cover it up if needed?
  • What body locations are more difficult to tattoo, more sensitive to pain, and don’t hold the ink as well? (A professional tattoo artist will be able to help answer these questions.)

The Facility.

  • The facility needs to be licensed and have a posted health certificate from their yearly health & sanitation inspection.
  • Do your own inspection to make sure it is a sanitary and clean environment. Everything should be sterilized, they should wear gloves, use of single-use needles and disposable supplies are a safe choice.

The Artist.

  • Check out their past work, make sure they have done other tattoos of similar style to what you want.
  • Find an artist that is experienced, talented and recommended.
  • Most of all, you should feel comfortable with them.


Ask lots of questions and make sure you are getting what you want.
Watching someone else get a tattoo is a great way to see all the steps for the procedure including how they prep, sanitize and work with a client, the steps in applying a tattoo and how they finish the tattoo and clean up.
Treat getting your tattoo as a medical procedure and the new tattoo as an injury, follow instructions on what to do while it heals.
Tattoo Tuesday

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Think you have an awesome tattoo or a great story about your tattoo, then this Tattoo Contest is for you. Your artwork can land you cash, prizes, and more.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Tattoo Contest will be held at Rally Point, the corner of Main St and Harley Davidson Way. Anyone with a tattoo can enter. There is a $10.00 entry fee per category (limit two). Registration begins on Tuesday August 8th at 5:00 PM and Judging starts at 6:00 PM.


Best Black & Grey: Just as the name implies

Best Fresh Tattoo: Show off the Tattoo you got yesterday or today

Best Color: The brighter the better

Best Tribal: Characterized by an all black design

Win a category and be entered in the “Best Of Show” competition. Earn your bragging rights to say you have the Best tattoo in all of Sturgis.

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