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Become a Sturgis Blog Contributor

Become a Contributor to the Sturgis Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing content to the Sturgis Blog. Writers are welcome to bring fresh ideas and helpful information to readers in an exciting, entertaining and informative way to motorcycle and music enthusiasts on the Sturgis Blog. Please take a moment to review the information outlined below to find out how to get your content published.

How will you benefit by contributing content?

Here are a few ways:

  • Plug into a readership of motorcycle and music fanatics
  • Receive promotion across social media channels
  • Earn backlinks to improve your website’s PageRank
  • Build your leadership reputation and earn credibility as an author
  • Connect with other influencers in the motorcycle and music industries
What topics is the Sturgis Blog looking for?

We’re looking for entertaining and helpful content to delight the motorcycle traveler

Categories articles should be able to fit into include. Click the links to see examples of articles in each.
The Body Location.

What Criteria Does My Article Need to Meet in Order to be published?
Your blog must meet at least one of the following:
  • Be helpful to the reader in some manner
  • Answer a valuable question the reader might have
  • Be generally entertaining
  • Be highly visual with a strong emotionally moving multimedia experience component

What your article shouldn’t be is an advertisement. Please refrain from pitches. This is not an advertising platform. The organic inclusion of you as author and link back is meant to naturally lead people to your website or product for further expertise or more entertaining content. Provide a value that in turn spurs a need to hear more from you.
Here are other guidelines to be aware of:

General Voice Guidelines 

  • Speak directly to reader


    “If you just can’t wait for your own favorite group ride, or you’ve got a cause you’d like to support, you can always organize your own. And the first step is learning how to keep your riders safe.”


  • Put information in terms of the readers’ experience


    You’ll probably never see third gear on this tight two-lane road. That’s just fine because your head will likely be on a swivel trying to take in the uniqueness of the rocky landscape.”

  • Use your own voice. You aren’t speaking on behalf of the Sturgis Blog.


    “There’s no better way to experience the magic of the Black Hills than from the back of a motorcycle. And while it’s hard to tear away from the carousel of entertainment at the Buffalo Chip, the urge to ramble around the Black Hills is as irresistible as the song of the Sirens.”



Image Requirements

  • Provide a minimum of one relevant image per paragraph in the body of the copy.
  • Images should be 946x631px (72dpi) in size.
  • One 200x200px (72dpi) for the article e-blast.
  • One 1920x1001px (72 dpi) for the blog hero image and Sturgis Blog homepage.
  • PNG and JPG are the only accepted file formats.
  • Save your images with a relevant descriptive filename (e.g. how-to-install-squeeze-horn-1.jpg).


Video/Infographic/Widget Requirements (Optional)

  • Provide a minimum of one relevant video (Must be relevant content. No promo sizzles).
  • Include embed code.
How do I submit a post to the Sturgis.com Blog?

Submit your proposed topic and a brief outline to fyi@sturgis.com. If your topic is accepted, you’ll want to check out our blog article template.

 What kind of editorial process should I expect?

  • Every article goes past a minimum of three sets of eyes, edits and considerations before going to publication.
  • The process looks like this:
    • A content topic is solidified
    • A tentative publication date is set for a topic
    • The article is submitted no fewer than 10 days prior to the publication date
    • Article passes through review process
    • Article is returned to author with comments or modification requests
    • If final article is approved, it is submitted to webmaster three working days prior to publication.
  • The tentative publication date may be changed or the article may be pulled completely at any time, for any reason.
  • Sturgis.com staff reserves the right to make edits
    • If edits occur, they will be presented to author for review and approval prior to publication.



How will Sturgis.com promote my post?

  • Send to Sturgis.com Newsletter subscribers
  • Tweet post from @SturgisRallySD and @mention the author
  • Share on Sturgis Rally SD Facebook page with author tagged
  • Respond to comments on platforms shared


What kind of promotion is expected from me?

  • Tweet the post with a mention of @Sturgis Rally SD
  • Share on Facebook and tag @Sturgis Rally SD in the post
  • Respond to comments daily on the blog and social for the first 3 days after publication


 Got questions you don’t see answers to? Email us at fyi@sturgis.com.