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Thank you for your interest in contributing content to the Sturgis Blog. Writers are welcome to bring fresh ideas and helpful information to readers in an exciting, entertaining and informative way to motorcycle and music enthusiasts on the Sturgis Blog. Please take a moment to review the information outlined below to find out how to get your content published.

How will you benefit by contributing content?

Here are a few ways: 

What topics is the Sturgis Blog looking for?

We’re looking for entertaining and helpful content to delight the motorcycle traveler

Categories articles should be able to fit into include. Click the links to see examples of articles in each.

What Criteria Does My Article Need to Meet in Order to be published?

 Your blog must meet at least one of the following:

What your article shouldn’t be is an advertisement. Please refrain from pitches. This is not an advertising platform. The organic inclusion of you as author and link back is meant to naturally lead people to your website or product for further expertise or more entertaining content. Provide a value that in turn spurs a need to hear more from you.

Here are other guidelines to be aware of:

General Voice Guidelines 

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How do I submit a post to the Blog?

Submit your proposed topic and a brief outline to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your topic is accepted, you’ll want to check out our blog article template.

 What kind of editorial process should I expect?

How will promote my post?

What kind of promotion is expected from me?


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