Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Moves Forward With Or Without The City


8-1 council vote in favor of preparing for the Stugis Rally aligns City with Rally Venues that stated they would put on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with or without the City; The Sturgis Rally moves forward!

"I'm very pleased with the city council's decision to join the 2020 rally this year," said Randy Peterson of, the original site dedicated to promoting the Sturgis Rally. "A sampling of more than 50 local businesses and campgrounds had already stated they would be open for business, but with the City's involvement, necessary municipal services will be provided within city limits."

The City's involvement in the rally will allow the sale of vendor permits within the City and Main Street will be closed off to motorcycle-only traffic.

The City's decision only affects what happens within City limits, not the rest of the Black Hills region. To date, neither the State of South Dakota nor any Black Hills' government has suspended rally events. 

More than 50 regional businesses have expressed their conviction to be open and hosting the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2020, with more businesses joining the list every day. The most up to date list of these businesses can be found at

The 80th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held Aug. 7-16, 2020.

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