Starting in Rapid City, Head East on High 44 past the Regional Airport.
Go through Scenic and on to Interior and Cedar Pass.
You will pick up Hwy 240 called the Bandlands Loop and exit on I-90 (Exit 110 at Wall)

I90 Westbound riders are so eager to get to Sturgis or the Black Hills they don’t take the time to see the Bandlands. This is a mistake. The whole loop takes only an hour and brings you right back to I-90.

1. The Roads are paved 2 lane highways with some gentle curves, nothing too challenging.
2. There aren’t many trees and it can get hot in the summer. Bring along plenty of water.
3. Other than Interior there aren’t any town in the National Park. Fill up with Gas at Rapid City, Interior, or Wall.
4. There is lodging in the park at Cedar Pass, Interior, or Wall.
5. There are 4 scenic overlooks and several scenic pull offs and some short walking trails near the visitors center.
Motorcyclists are a more curious lot though and I expect you’ll stop and take more of the beauty than the typical car traveler.