Don’t miss the Northern Hills Ride! Locally known as the “Canyon Ride” as it takes you through Boulder Canyon, Spearfish Canyon and Vanocker Canyon on a 2 ½ hour.
100 mile loop which begins and ends on Main Street Sturgis.
Click Here for 20 years of Spearfish Canyon Fall colors photos.

According to veteran riders, this may well be one of the most picturesque rides in the country. The diversity of this route is what makes the veteran riders refer to it as one of the best 100 miles of motorcycle riding in the country.

Starting in Sturgis –
Take Boulder Canyon (Alt 14) to Hwy 85 North.
Take I-90 West until you reach exit 14.
Go left a few hundred feet and take a right on Colorado Blvd.
(Watch for the Spearfish Canyon signs, 14A.)
There are 3 Waterfalls in the Spearfish Canyon.  Bridal Veil Falls, Spearfish Falls, and Roughlock Falls (There are 2 small easy hikes to see both Spearfish and Roghlock Falls).  Cheyenne Crossing is at the end of Hwy 14A.
Turn east on Hwy 85 to wards Lead and Deadwood.
Turn Right on Hwy 385 South.
Turn Right onto Nemo Road. A mile outside of Nemo is the turnoff to Vanocker Canyon.
This road will bring you right back to Sturgis at exit 32