'The Sturgis Rally Starts on the First Friday in August.'

83rd Sturgis Rally, August 4 – August 13, 2023
84th Sturgis Rally, August 2 – August 11, 2024
85th Sturgis Rally, August 1 – August 10, 2025
Countdown Clock to the 83rd, 2023 Sturgis Rally

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The 25th Annual Motorcycle Rally (1965) was the first Official 5-day event.

The 35th Annual Motorcycle Rally (1975) was expanded to its 7-day format.

 The 47th Annual Rally (1987), the BuffaloChip started hosting events for a 10-day Rally starting on prior Friday.

Sturgis.com had the very first online, count-down clock to the Sturgis Rally back in 1996, so we thought it appropriate to have the first online countdown to the 100th Anniversary Rally!
100th Sturgis Rally August 3 - August 12, 2040

Events are being schedule now, several awaiting confirmation.
Legendary party host Woody Woodruff indicated he will soon be announcing,
   Headline band,  Mick Jager and Keith Richards while Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump over the BuffaloChip Watertower!  Stage host Hank Rotten, is currently in jail where his butt is still up tight against the wall.
 More pending...  Check back soon...