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COVID-19 Update: Sturgis Rally 80th Moving Forward as Planned

Sturgis-Rally-Moving-Forward-image-1000x667 Sturgis Rally 80th Moving Forward as Planned - COVID-19 Sturgis.Com Update

Updated May 29, 2020

We would like to take a moment to let you know that we are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely.

The Sturgis Rally is months away and experts predict the coronavirus will have peaked and continue to be in decline before the end of summer.

The president recently announced plans to reopen the economy and businesses. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem released an executive order on April 28 that included South Dakota's "Back to Normal" plan. We continue to remain optimistic. The rally is still on and has NOT been postponed.

Since the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is put on by many different venues and organizations, and not owned by any one organization, we will keep an updated list of all the Sturgis Rally venues that have publicly stated their position in regard to the coronavirus below.

No Sturgis Rally Venue Has Postponed or Canceled Their Event.

Concerts, events, and activities are on schedule for late summer.

We look forward to seeing you August 7-15, 2020 at the 80th Sturgis Rally.

Organizations that have made public statements about 80th Sturgis Rally and the coronavirus so far include:

  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip – Moving forward as planned. They have had one band cancelation but say they are looking for replacements for any bands that cancel.
  • Glencoe Camp Resort – Moving forward as planned.
  • Pappy Hoel Campground – Moving forward as planned​.
  • City of Sturgis – Moving forward as planned.

Since the City of Sturgis only controls what happens in Sturgis city limits and the vast majority of Rally activities (including riding, camping and events) happen at venues and campgrounds outside of the city limits it would take more than the city banning people from town to shut down the Sturgis Rally.

It's important to know what other Sturgis Rally promoter's positions are as well.

Sturgis Buffalo Chip President, Rod Woodruff has been releasing weekly videos to keep fans updated on the situation. He says that the Sturgis Buffalo Chip is planning to move forward with the Sturgis Rally.

See the full Sturgis Buffalo Chip's videos and COVID-19 statement here.

Mayor Mark Carstensen said previously that the city is still planning for the Sturgis motorcycle rally held annually in August. "We're 100 percent planning the rally," said Carstensen at a March 25 news briefing at Sturgis City Hall. On April 23, the City of Sturgis stated they will make a final decision on what will happen within city limits in its June 15 city council meeting.

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Is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Canceled?

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