Motorcycle Camping Gear: 10 Pieces of Essential Gear You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Francisco Martínezcuello
Monday, 14th Feb, 2022
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If you’ve ever thrown your leg over a motorcycle or spent a night camping under the stars, you probably know how transformative the experience can be. A little wind therapy or adventure therapy goes a long way in clearing the mind, and when you combine the two, the results are even greater!

Bikers and campers may naturally understand the importance of being outdoors and being in nature, but the gear needed for motorcycle camping might not be quite as obvious.

Here are a few recommended items to help you stay outdoors and maximize your next motorcycle camping experience.



1. Tent

A tent – though it should go without saying, you need one to sleep in. However, what you might not have thought about is its durability in a high wind and rainstorm, which happens, especially during a trip to Sturgis, SD. You don’t want a tent that rips in half the first time you get a 20 mph wind and leaves you sleeping in a river.

The Wolf Walker 2-person motorbike tent is a three-season quick setup tent that’s lightweight, firm, and durable. The bike port is a great feature, and there’s a separate, secure enclosure attached to the inner tent for storing gear.

Compression bags should be high priority on your gear list. There’s limited luggage space on a motorcycle, so compression bags help a rider free some space for souvenirs and beer.

The Nelson Rigg medium compression bag can store up to 30% more items after bags are compressed. This lightweight water-resistant bag allows for the most compact packing of your soft items.

Pro-tip: Buy at least two of these bad boys – one for clean clothes, one for dirty clothes.

If you don’t have at least one good American made knife, then are you even a motorcycle rider?

Already have one? Well, two is one and one is none.

The Whiteknuckler brand is made in the USA and built to last decades, not months. The Model 3’s overall length is 7 inches for you size queens, with 3.5 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most man hands.

Whether you’ve just returned from a cold ride or waking up to go on one, hot wets will keep the chills at bay, so a stove cooking system is definitely a good investment.

The Jetboil Flash boils water in a lightning quick 100 seconds, which is just shy of a millennium when you’ve just woken up hungover and craving coffee.

Rain Gear:

5. Hurricane Rain Suit

Depending on where you live, a short or long ride means a high probability you will experience all four seasons during your trip. If the forecast includes rain, you’ll wish you had rain gear added to your packing list.

This affordable ultra-lightweight one-piece is designed to be worn over your textile or leather riding gear. The inside lining will keep you cool and comfortable. There is one main zipper that runs down the center from chest to thigh to get in and out quickly.

All seams are tape-sealed for waterproofing, and the reflective detailing improves visibility so that others can see you riding in the rain. Even though it has the word hurricane in it, don’t be surprised if you get more than wet should you decide to ride in hurricane or hurricane adjacent conditions.

It also comes with its own transport/storage bag designed to fit in your bike’s storage container.

The sizes do run a little small, so be sure to check the sizing chart to ensure proper fit as you fluctuate in seasonal weight.

If you enjoy getting caught in the rain but would rather not experience trench foot, then consider purchasing appropriate footwear. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to pack a pair of inexpensive boot raincovers.

These boot raincovers are constructed of 100% waterproof PVC material to keep your boots dry, clean and warm. The elastic top is designed to comfortable and snug regardless of your cankle size. It is portable and foldable enough to fit in your bag or luggage compartment. The material is thick and washable so you can use it over and over again.

The benefits of keeping your meat hooks warm and dry are obvious, so hopefully you have the right gloves for the weather you might encounter.

These Dainese gloves are versatile enough to use all season since they give waterproof protection, thermal insulation, comfort, flexibility, and safety. You can wear them on or off road or for daily use in the city. They’re designed with the D-Dry waterproof membrane, which repels rainwater. The reinforcement on the palm guarantees a perfect grip and maintaining breathability.

If you are on a budget, these gloves have a thermal padding and windproof inserts, which make them perfect dual-purpose gloves for rain and winter use.

As a bonus, the Smart Touch Dainese system allows you to handle your devices with touch screens without taking off the gloves.

Not all fog is bad – like the mornings when you’re sipping coffee on your porch or getting busy with your partner inside a vehicle. But fog on your visor is bad for your health, so make sure you consider this before you go on a ride.

This Master of Anti-Fog visor insert is for full face helmets and available in clear, gray for high contrast, or even yellow for night driving. It is made of high-quality material, the insert is anti-scratch, flexible, super light and durable. The adhesive on the back of the insert keeps it fixed in place from falling out easily, but make sure to measure the size of your helmet visor/shield before purchasing. This is one of many affordable solutions, but it is important to think about visibility when riding even when the conditions are clear.

Unless you’re a complete noob, you understand the importance of the three-layer system (base layers, middle layers, and shell layers). Even if you don’t wear all three layers before your trip, it’s a darn good idea to pack all layers, regardless of how much natural padding and insulation you are currently equipped with.

Don’t forget to layer your lower extremity.

This motorcycle riding bottom underwear was developed for cold-weather riding conditions. It’s made from polypropylene double density fabric to cover the most exposed areas without smashing your bits or sacrificing comfort.

Make sure to choose underwear that efficiently wick sweat off your torso and upper extremity. The goal is to stay both dry and warm.

This base layer underwear has a compression fit for muscle support to reduce fatigue and provide some shape and support for those of us with man boobs.

 It is easy to overlook or forget about your neck so a scarf or gaiter is an important item to remember.

This double layer of insulating single-sided fleece is not only ideal for protecting against the wind-chill, but it’ll also keep your turkey neck from flapping in the wind.


This list is not exhaustive, nor is it designed to be “one size fits all”. The intent is to get you on the road to feeling great.

What’s some of your go-to motorcycle camping gear? Share your tips in the comments below!


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