5 Reasons Why You’ll Like Motorcycle Touring (A Beginner’s Guide)

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Monday, 18th May, 2020
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Motorcycles are amazing! Riding them gives you a sense of joy, peace, and freedom. Feeling the wind and being one with the environment around you is exhilarating. A sheer passion for visiting the corners of the world on a two-wheeled machine alone would be enough reason for many of us to ride. It’s a bond that no other mode of travel can match.

However, there are plenty of other reasons that might lure you into kickstarting your lifelong love affair with a motorcycle. Read on to see which excites you the most. 

1. Challenge  

Motorcycle riding is a challenging task, and for many, the challenge brings out the best in us. Problems like clutch slipping and flat tires aren’t uncommon. Riding can also involve extreme conditions, and the risk is far greater than other modes of travel.

As compared to automobiles, which have become quite machine-oriented these days, motorcycle riding requires skill, confidence and an enormous amount of concentration. You have to keep your focus on a multitude of things like balance, brakes and speed. It’s these challenges that give you a feeling of contentment and satisfaction at the end of the ride. 

 2. Freedom

Freedom is why many prefer riding motorcycles over any other vehicle. Bikes take you to places where automobiles can’t. You don’t need a solid plan while you are on the road. The control lies in your hands. You can ride to most any place you see on your journey.

Motorcycles provide you the opportunity to be close to your environment—to see unobstructed natural wonders and take beautiful pictures. They also ensure fewer distractions on the way. Most of the time when you’re riding, there is very little chance you’d feel compelled to take your phone out. It’s just you and your bike, and that’s all you need to create memories on the way. 

 3. Brotherhood

The motorcycle community is one of the friendliest communities in the world. Most riders you meet on the road, whether they know you or not, will throw you a wave, giving you a sense of security that you are not alone. Other riders are often helpful and happy to assist if you happen to break down.

In many countries, you’ll find biker bars and cafes along your route. These places will give you a chance to socialize and engage with likeminded people from your community. Attending bike shows and rallies like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will also further strengthen your bond with other riders.

 4. Health

Motorcycle riding contributes greatly to positive health. When you’re riding, your brain stimulates and keeps negative distractions at bay. Many find this a beneficial way to cope with depression or other mental stress.

Riding also involves physical exercise, as you’ll need core strength and stability to sit on your vehicle for long hours. Neck strength, knee strength and calorie burns are some other great health benefits.

Motorcycle riding is fun, and it boosts endorphins, which improves mood. 

5. Customization  

To add to the fun, many bikers like modifying their rides to suit their personality and needs. Customized bikes can provide performance enhancement and a feeling of uniqueness.

There’s an infinite number of modifications you can do. However, check out the local laws and consult your regional transport office before giving a green signal to the customization. In many countries, there are customization rules which, when not followed, could lead you into legal trouble.

Motorcycle touring is fun, and no matter which reason you choose once you are on the road, there will be many things you’ll learn. Be safe while you ride and enjoy the ride.  

What attracts you most about motorcycle touring? Tell us in the comments below.  

About the Author: Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and guest blogger. Writing has helped her to improve her knowledge, skills and understanding about specific industries. She loves writing and sharing her knowledge, specifically in the travell industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life and wants to spread this belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and reading.


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