10 Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle No One Else Will Ever Tell You

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Monday, 27th Jul, 2020
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If you mention motorbikes to most people, you may hear the usual ruckus of them being too dangerous and scary and fast, or some other statements along the lines of ‘you’ll never catch me on one of those’, but is there something they don’t know? Are there plenty of great and unusual things to share about the motorbiking experience?

Of course there is. In fact, the list is endless, but I’m gonna condense my favorite benefits of riding a motorcycle down into a top ten list that no one else will ever tell you, especially not your parents when you’re 16 and wanting to get a bike for the first time.

1. They’re Inexpensive

First things first. Motorcycles are way more affordable than cars. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of expensive motorcycles and cheap cars out there, but generally speaking, especially if you’re comparing mid-range bikes to mid-range cars, you’re going to be spending a lot less, which also means you don’t have to save as much! 

2. The Savings Keep Coming (Lower Insurance)

Hand in hand with an affordable initial purchase, insurance costs also tend to be much lower, on average, than the insurance costs of a car. Sure, young riders and new drivers need to pay more until you have the experience behind you, but whereas car owners can pay thousands, you’ll only be paying hundreds.

3. You Can Park Effortlessly

Remember driving around the block over and over again while trying to find a parking space to fit your motorcycle? Of course, you don’t. Motorcycles are clearly smaller than cars which mean you can squeeze into even the tiniest of spaces. Sorry cars. Motorcycles win on this point every time.

 4. Maintenance is Easier

When something goes wrong with your car, and you pop the lid, if you have little experience with a car, your first impression is to sigh, both at the fact your car is busted and you’re going to need to pay for a mechanic.

The better you look after any vehicle, the less chance there is of this happening, but with a bike, maintenance is really easy. Like stupidly easy. You’ll still need to learn what you’re doing, but once you’ve mastered the basics, well, you’re pretty much there. Easy systems mean easy maintenance!

5. It’s Romantic

“Okay, technical stuff aside, at least for now, there’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up and cruising around the world with a loved one. Local roads or abroad in a remote country, it’s all the same when you’re on a bike. Just, make sure you introduce the concept of getting on a bike nicely. A lot of people have a lot of preconceptions,” says Nick Berry, a travel writer at Australia2Write and Write My X. 

6. The Motorcycle Community is Awesome

There’s a certain camaraderie between motorcyclists you simply don’t get with other types of driver or any other kind of human for that matter. From motorcycle meetups to nodding in acknowledgement to the strangers you ride past, there’s really nothing like it.

7. Better for the World

“Since motorcycles have dramatically better fuel efficiency to most cars, that’s not only good for your wallet or purse but also better for the environment. Less oil, fewer carbon emissions, less of an impact on the planet,” explains Simon Harrison, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and Next Coursework. 

8. Increased Concentration

Naturally, bikes require more concentration and awareness to ride, which means you should be more aware and less likely to be involved in an accident!

9. Resale Value is Outstanding

While there comes a time where we need to sell our motorcycles, whether we need to move onto other things or we’re upgrading to a better model (which is clearly more exciting), you may be worried about how much your bike will be worth and what’s the resale price. Well, thankfully, bikes hold their value much greater than cars do, so there’s another win!

 10. Riding a Motorcycle is Liberating AF

The point you came here for. Motorbikes are cool and fun and exciting, and there’s really no better experience than riding one for yourself. My favorite time is going to work every morning at 5 am.

The highway is empty, and the sun is just coming up as you sail down the tarmac. Riding a motorbike makes commuting incredible and unforgettable, and it’s easy to see how so many people are drawn into getting one.

Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Coursework writing services. He loves nothing more than writing during all hours throughout the week and then cutting loose and escaping to the countryside and open roads during the weekends. Also, he is a writer at Dissertation help


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