Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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The 15 Wildest Photos & Videos from Sturgis to Make it to Social Media


Daylight savings time, plunging temperatures, and winterized bikes are some of the saddest words in our lexicon. You don't need a calendar to see the nine months that separate you from the Black Hills. You can feel it. The longing is palpable.  

It's easy to get bitter and cold at the amount of time until you're able to carve canyons and revel in the sights and sound of freedom. We want to increase blood flow to your lower extremities more than a pair of heated motorcycle pants and distract you with some of the wildest photos from Sturgis.  

1. How many people can fit in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater?


2. Pro-tip: Be sure to face the camera when someone is taking your picture.

Also, take a photo of at least one of the three B's at Sturgis – Beers, Bikes, and ...

3. Camp Zero norms

Executing a burnout on your bike while getting a money shot full of beer to the face by a dude wearing a t-shirt that says "Whiskey, Weed, Wheelies" may be the best day of your life, but at Camp Zero it's just a Tuesday. 

4. Ride and Destroy  

No one drifts or wheelies better than the pros at Bell Brawl.  

5. Dry hotdogs don't go down smooth.  

Hotdogs, covered in mustard, hang from fishing lines, mushroom print eager contestants as they attempt to consume them as fast as possible. Maybe it's for a contest, maybe it's for pride, but mostly it's for fun at Camp Zero.

Follow @campzerosturgis on Instagram no matter your thoughts about mustard on hotdogs. 

6. Get Boned.  

This motorcycle gives new meaning to "Riding a bone bike."

See more wild Sturgis photos by following @sturgisrallysd on Instagram. 

7. Banana hammocks are always welcome at Bikini Beach.

Pack accordingly.  

8. No matter the obstacle.  

Smash through it!

9. Fistful of Bourbon and Hair.  

Proceed with caution when you're around @andrealarhae – consider yourself warned.

10. It's not easy being green.  

Lainie can wear anything or nothing and make it look good – that's why she's number 1.

11. Sun's out, buns out.

"Tan evenly" is a good motto to live by but harder to do in practice. Nevertheless, try to anyway at Bikini Beach.  

12. How to properly wear chaps.

Main Street views are a must watch.

13. Cleared for takeoff.  

You're guaranteed to see some rocket ships taking off at the Black Hills Throwdown.

14. No Diving.

But there aren't any signs telling you NOT to full send your Grom.

15. Tip your motorcycle riders.

The Ives Brothers are experts in precision, professionalism and restraint.

Think you can take better pictures? Or have a wilder experience? Sturgis isn't a place for keyboard warriors – so don't waste your time reading or writing comments. Better yet, head over to the Sturgis Rally Registration program and make memories so wild we have to write a story about you next year.  

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