Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally

Skull and Crossbones Pendants - Sterling Silver

Price: $149.99

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Every Item is Hand Made, please allow for slight variations

Large and solid sterling silver Skull and Crossbones – About 2” long

All items are individually numbered and comes with an art sealed certificate

No two are ever alike. Thick and heavy solid sterling silver

Come with a strong thick heavy black cord necklace.

All art castings are designed and made in the USA.

Please allow up to 10 Days for Delivery. The studio casts every few days so most orders ship in less than a week.

Our castings use only Sterling .925 and pure .999 Silver from US sources and NOT from overseas.

sources and NOT from overseas. All silver is certified by Sunshine mining in Idaho as well as other US mints ONLY from the USA.