Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally

The Remus Tucker Band

The Remus Tucker Band
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Specific details

Location In or Near Sturgis
Genre southern rock
Contact info Tracey Chirhart TAC Music Management
When Available 8/7-8/16 any time
Home Address (address city state zip) 9971 E Ida Pl
Tell us something about your band' The Remus Tucker Band is a hard hittin' southern rock band from Denver, CO. Their music brings different worlds together: from the energy of guitar driven hard rock, the intimacy of country to the raw emotion of the blues, anything goes! The band has been around since 2012, released their first album South of New Orleans in 2013,and more recently have been modifying their sound and line up to present a true power group. They push the envelope in fast paced and heavy toned music, with Remus Tucker’s trademark vocal delivery reminiscent of legendary rock performers such as Freddie Mercury and Ronnie Van Zant. The Remus Tucker Band is currently preparing new material and getting ready to hit the studio for an album release in early 2020. From their last single, “Lonely Mile”, to the new single “Come On”, you might feel like you’re hitting the road on a new adventure with Remus and the boys, and perhaps that is part of the story about to unfold.. Learn more about the Remus Tucker Band via the following links. “If you took Whiskey Myers, Molly Hatchet, and the Allman Brothers, threw them in a blender, tossed in a heaped dose of extremely good musicianship and talent, and stirred in some fantastic songwriting and compelling lyrics you'd have The Remus Tucker Band.” --TunedLoud 2019
List of some places you've previously played Taste of Colorado, People's Fair, Palisade Peach Festival, Dicken's Opera House, Cervantes, Toad Tavern, The Little Bear Saloon, Rawlins, WY 4th of July, Park City, UT
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