Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally

The Haunted North

The Haunted North
current line-up

Specific details

Location In or Near Sturgis
Genre Hard Rock
Contact info Randy Vanadisson
When Available Anytime!
Home Address (address city state zip) PO Box 425, Freeland, WA 98249
Tell us something about your band' Driving with the raw energy of classic hard rock, the U.S.A./Canadian four-piece Haunted North pour their souls into creating authentic, original and intense rock anthems; effectively paving the way for a brand new era of indie harkening back to the freestyle writing of the 70s coupled with the deep edge of modern groove rock. ​ The band’s music strikes with every bit of intensity, poetic angst, and musical brilliance, as any of the great power-rock releases of a simpler time. The energy and skill they deliver makes for an unmissable show – the kind that truly deserves its place within the modern rock world. ​ Now welcoming a brand new bass-player and drummer into the brotherhood, with their latest single ‘21 Grams’ making waves across the web, the band gear up to take on the live scenes of tomorrow with power, precision, and absolute passion.
List of some places you've previously played Saskatoon, CA and Toledo, OH. Was about to be an opener for Black Label Society before Covid hit. Initial lineup featured two members of Black Label Society.
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