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Sturgis Rally
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Every Drop Is Handmade.... 

Wyoming Whiskey is a unique, distinctly American bourbon which is hand distilled in small batches at the distillery in Kirby, Wyoming under the direction of Bourbon Hall of Famer Steve Nally. From day one, every drop of Wyoming Whiskey is handmade under Steve's direction and aged in on-site rick houses. That fact is not true of every whiskey made in America. At Wyoming Whiskey the distilling process means a lot, and they know it means something to you as an American whiskey aficionado. If you're a regular viewer, you've seen my Cigar of the Week posts sponsored by Deadwood Tobacco. It's about time I started reviewing some of America's top bourbons. Cigars and whiskey go together like bikers and parties. At Hardtail Magagzine we aim to please. If you're lucky enough to live in Wyoming, you're lucky enough, as the saying goes. Wyoming Whiskey as of this writing is only available in Wyoming, how lucky can a Wyoming resident bourbon drinker get?

Hard riding Hardtail motorcycle riders like me dig ass kickin' good whiskey when it's time to party! My first sip of this Bourbon was a very pleasant surprise. At room temperature the body of flavor is slightly oak, with a light, pleasant after taste which almost mad me want to stretch my sip into something more. But, sipping this whiskey neat, with no water or ice really allows the drinker to enjoy the Wyoming Whiskey flavor. Dropping a couple of ice cubes into a whiskey glass then pouring two fingers of Wyoming Whiskey is an after dinner treat rivaling any of the desserts I've ever had, especially after waiting a minute or two to let the ice chill the bourbon. I would imagine That Wyoming Whiskey will end up in many fancy dessert sauces such as that used with Granny's bread pudding recipe, but I'd rather sip mine thank you. On a scale of one-to-ten, Wyoming ranks as an ass kicking ten in my opinion. My opinion is the only one I have of course. If you're whiskey drinker, this may be the bourbon you'll be drinking for the rest of your life. As of this writing Wyoming Whiskey can only be purchased over the counter in the state of Wyoming. If you're curious to sample this bourbon, visit the Wyoming Whiskey website online at The following is a small sample of the information available online.

Wyoming Whiskeys idea is a simple one, to create a traditional bourbon in an untraditional place.The Big Horn Basin offers everything needed to make great bourbon. Corn, wheat and barley are use in Wyoming Whiskey is grown in Kirby, Byron, Thermopolis and Riverton. Wyoming Whiskey is as good as the water and Wyoming Whiskey water is unrivaled. A mile below Kirby, Wyoming lays the Madison Formation, which includes a massive limestone aquifer from where their water is sourced. Access to this pure water resource is an important reason why the distillery is where it is. Wyoming Whiskey is small batch bourbon whiskey at its best….Color: medium amber. Nose: moderate fruit and floral, light caramel and vanilla with a hint of oak. Body: moderate. Palate: vanilla, caramel, sweet fruit, and slight oak. Finish: mild with smooth finish Whiskey that knows where it's from……The Wyoming Whiskey Company and product is a collaboration between their partners and 97,818 square miles of Wyoming.


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