Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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 Back in the good old days when I was riding a rigid frame Pan with a Linkert M74, kick start, 15 over wide glide, mechanical rear brake (no front brake) foot clutch-jockey shift, I dreamed about the future and owning a bike I didn't need to kick start or adjust carb for altitude, and was comfortable most of the time. I now own a 2010 Dyna glide...96 inches...fuel injection...gets 45 miles to the gallon and hauls ass (at least I think its fast.) And you gotta know..... I wish I had my old Panhead that I kick started, rode to work even on rainy days, so I could pull those four foot wheelies while powershifting that fucking Jockey top with Suicide clutch! What goes around come around as they say! The attached image is a Knuck but close to what I was riding in 1972! Fucking floppy-sloppy mechanical brake pedal. Electric motorcycles?.......burn'em all! Or at least unplug'em!

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