Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Viking Leather Jackets Review

OK, so folks who ride motorcycles already know why leather jackets are important. We don't have to be told that they can save us from road rash and much worse. Leather has been covering people and gladiators from serious consequences for centuries! What matters are the details of the leather jackets.

Physically, this is a nicely thick cowhide leather jacket with 4 outside pockets plus one on the right sleeve, 2 main inside pockets and there are 4 small slots near the main zipper that might be considered as somewhat concealed holds, as well as the usual inner pouches. Lots of useful storage.

The main outside pockets are not on the sides of the jacket, they are more in front where I have access without having to take the jacket off to get them unzipped. Heavy zippers too. The lining with sleeves is warm, and as a personal pet peeve, the sleeves are held in place so they won't ride up to your elbows in the first 10 miles! I also should say that I like the fact that this leather jacket is not branded as a walking advertisement for the manufacturer. I don't wear Nike for that same reasoning.

I wasn't sure about the reflective striping at first, but I gotta admit, it helps disguise the fact that I have a tummy and it's functional (the reflective striping is functional, not so much the tummy). I won't say it makes me look great, but I can say I've looked worse. :) This is a nice leather jacket! Padded and strong and functional. One year basic warranty, but it looks and feels like it'll last a decade or two! Maybe my grandkids will fight over it one day in the distant future. The basic clean lines will be in style for many years to come. I look forward to fall riding with this jacket.

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