Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Viking Bonafide Black Motorcycle Cafe Racer Tank Bag

Viking Bonafide Black Motorcycle Cafe Racer Tank Bag #52038

Ever try to take photos (more than cell phone snaps) at the Sturgis Rally (any rally) when the crowds are deep and the is sun hot? Lugging around bags with camera gear only adds to the bulk and heat and congestion. So this year I took only the essentials in a small Tank Bag.

My gear was secure but more importantly, the camera was quickly available for the fun spontaneous people shots (pretty girls) and easy to store again when it was time to move on. This was really working well for me! As long as I kept my camera on top for quick access, I was set. I'm getting used to this small pack, so much so that I might even put it on my bagger just for the convenience and ease of use! This does a really big job for a small tank bag!

73 cubic inches, strong heavy duty cordura construction, heavy zippers, straps and an inside pouch for organizing the smaller items. 1 camera with lens, a 2nd longer lens, extra memory cards and batteries, sunscreen, business cards, aspirin and other such stuff all fits well in the Viking Cafe Racer Tank Bag.

On day two, I found I was using it for my cell phone, wallet, keys and glasses, all because it was easy and really convenient to use. I carried the small bag as a backpack and even stuffed my riding shirt into it when walking around Main St. The bag expands giving several more inches for riding gloves and other necessities. and 20% off during the Sturgis Rally! 

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