Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Turbine Air Cleaner for Harley FROM RSD

Drawing inspiration from the world of aviation design, the RSD Turbine Harley Air Cleaner took some major design cues from jet engines. The result is a timeless design that compliments virtually any style of bike while providing maximum flow. A bolt-on upgrade in performance and style, the Turbine Air Cleaner delivers an increase in air volume to your intake, giving your motor the ability to breath easier and turn out heart-pounding horsepower.


  • Best in filtration and flow from K&N, air Filter included
  • Hidden internal crank case breathers
  • Slotted breather bolts and oil tubes are included with Big Twin applications
  • *Not legal for sales or use on pollution controlled vehicles
  • *All air cleaners can be used on Mikuni carbs with use of adapter – part number HS42/001-K (sold separately)

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