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Time to cut the bull

(Originally Posted by Creeping Jennie on Sunday, 19 July 2015​ in Blogs)

I thought it was high time to address a few issues that have been popping up, and since the vast majority of you reading this are from my Facebook group, why not do it here.

First, I would like to explain the nature of my Facebook group. Let's start with what it is NOT.

It's NOT a fan group. It is assumed that we are all fans of motorcycles, the Sturgis Rally and the like.

It's not a place to impress people or prove how badass of a biker you are, or old school, or cool, or any other descriptor you can think of. I don't give a shit, and frankly, no one else does either.

It's not a place to brag about your bike, tattoos, old lady, leathers, patches and pins, or affiliations. See above.

It's not a place to buy and sell anything. In the beginning, we did allow limited advertising, but once we reached a thousand members, it became apparent that this was detrimental to our group. People were jamming up the group with free advertising. We were getting constant complaints from members that people were just dropping an ad in the group for a bike, toy hauler, camper, etc. and not bothering to answer questions and comments. People were placing the same ad, day after day, seemingly unaware that they had just placed the same ad a day before.

It's not a place to post memes and jokes. We all see those in our own personal feeds.

It's not a place to talk about politics, religion, or what a "real" biker is or is not. No one cares. All you're doing in my group is causing conflict and drama. We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs. This is not the place.

Now I would like to explain my vision for my group.

I had envisioned a group where people could ask questions directly pertaining to their visit to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and have them answered accurately. I wanted to see people's opinions that were based on real life experiences, not rumors and innuendo, as I had previously experienced in other groups. I wanted to create a group where people were not afraid to share negative experiences as well as positive ones, in order to give full perspective.

I have attempted to make my intentions crystal clear, and guide the group through implementation of a set of rules that reflect my vision, however my vision does not seem to be what the people want in a group. I have been called nasty names harassed by private message, and talked shit about in other groups and pages, as well as real life. I have even been threatened a number of times.

While I understand and accept that I am not everyone's cup of tea, I fail to understand the hatred and threats. It's just Facebook! I am a very honest person- honest to a fault, and yet the same people who claim to value honesty have turned behind my back and lie. I'm sick of it.

Here is Jennie being frank, honest and candid, so stop reading right now if you are unable to tolerate anything but candy covered bullshit: Anyone who joins a Facebook group, chooses NOT to read and follows the rules, and then has a big baby tantrum when they are removed from said group for violating said rules is an idiot. Anyone who THREATENS said admin and lies about their experience in other groups jut for attention is a twat.

If you want out of my group, then by all means, leave. If it wasn't the type of group you thought it was, and are disappointed, then please leave. It's that simple. 

If it's not yours, don't try to take it.
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