Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Thank You

(Originally Posted by Creeping Jennie on Sunday, 19 April 2015​ in Blogs)

Sometimes we forget to say it, so it's good to have a reminder.

Thank you. You patrol the streets and highways in Sturgis and the Black Hills to help keep us safe. You deal with rude and angry people who give you a hard time just for doing your job. You work longer shifts that take you away from your families so we can have a good time. Thank you to all of the law enforcement officers who work the Rally.

Thank you to the bartenders and bar backs! You're on your feet for hours, and many of you come from faraway places just to sling suds. You have to deal with drunken patrons, bad tippers, and a never ending demand for beer. Thank you for keeping the party going!

Thank you campground staff! We can be demanding guests at times, but you strive to fix any little problem that comes up. You truly make our stay at the Rally better.

To those who clean up after us all- a huge thank you! You keep the toilets and port-a-potties, streets and campgrounds as clean as you can. We do appreciate it, even if we don't always express it. Without you working hard, we would be left in a mess. Thank you.

Thank you to the vendors! Many of you come from far and wide to sell the things we want to buy. You brave the heat, rain and hail, and still manage to do so with a smile.

Thank you to the local business owners! You sometimes have to hire temporary staff to keep up with the demand, so we need to learn to be patient.

Thank you to the local people who rent out their houses. We know that most people have to pack up their families and find accommodations yourself, and that many people do this every year just to make ends meet. Thank you.

Thank you to fire department, ambulance, clinic, and hospital staff. We know that your workload increases dramatically during the Rally. You have to work longer hours, and are not able to take time off or be with your families. Thank you for rescuing us, stitching us back up, and saving our lives. We feel safer knowing you are on the job.

Thank you to all of the residents of the Black Hills who have to put up with all of the noise, traffic, and inconvenience of having a shitload of tourist invade your communities for a week. Most locals do not profit directly from the Rally, so we need to remember that we are guests in your home. Thank you for sharing the Black Hills with us.

Please don't forget to say thank you to the people who make the Rally possible, and thank you for coming to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. 

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