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Originally posted by Buck Lovell on Thursday, 08 December 2011 in Buck Lovell's - American Biker Blog

Dec 8, 2011 This comment from Roz Zurko of the;

"American Chopper's" Biker Build Off was a loss for Jesse James in more ways than one. Jesse James lost first place to Pauly Jr.'s more modern creation, but his biggest loss came when James also used the "Biker Build Off" competition as a platform to delve into his past again, negating any headway he made with fans up until that point. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sandra Bullock fans are angry at James' continuous rude references to his ex-wife.

Instead of leaving well enough alone, Jesse basically blamed his marriage to "some movie star" as the reason he forgot about his friends. He wanted to use "American Chopper Biker Build Off" to mend those fences and show his fans he's the same Jesse James from the "Monster Garage" series. All he did with his comments about Sandra Bullock was to show he didn't change and he is still willing to blame anyone else for his actions.

Buck's response:

Roz….your head is up your butt. He lost because not everybody can win every time they compete. Jesse knows that. Jesse James has repeatedly apologized for his behavior or misbehavior. He publicly admitted he fuc*** up, and you know it. That doesn't make it right, or him right…..but he hasn't blamed anybody but himself. In the rarefied atmosphere of super stars, and make no mistake Jesse James is a super star, it's got to be super difficult to maintain one's perspective about what is important in life on a daily basis. There are far too many distractions and temptations due to fame and fortune. Jesse James learned the hard way! He won't make that mistake again! He will always be a super star to most of us motorcycle guys, because he's a real hard riding, tire smoking, wheelie pulling American biker, no matter what else you or anybody else thinks. Frankly he probably doesn't give a sh** what you or anybody else thinks. Anybody whose hobby is doing long, smoking, tire destroying burnouts on an American motorcycle can ride with me anywhere I go! I enjoy the smell of tire smoke!


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