Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Scott Jacobs new limited edition print "INDIAN 4 LIFE"

Good Day Scott Jacobs fans:

I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and productive while we're all in limbo together. Think beauty…think art!
Scott contemplated whether or not to release this piece during such an unusual time. After much consideration, he and family felt this was the best way to stay optimistic, and to keep pushing forward as we can already see a healthy and happy future in sight! The light at the end of the tunnel so to speak!
Scott is still painting every day to complete existing commission paintings that have been in the works for a several years. Gallery staff is taking this downtime to offer solace to you, their beloved clients. Though we are all in this together, the Jacobs Gallery team wants you to know that they are here for you in every way possible.
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