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Riding Bitch Is Not Shameful

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(Originally Posted by Creeping Jennie on Friday, 06 March 2015 in Blogs)

I was not planning to write this post- I don't think I should have to write it. I was going to write about entering a poster model contest, but that will have to wait.

Someone made a catty little remark to me the other day that pissed me the fuck off. A woman rider thought she would insult me by saying, "I bet you don't even ride your own! I bet you just sit on the back." Let me make this clear. I do ride bitch. I don't ride my own. I have never implied or expressed otherwise. I don't find it insulting or demeaning that she pointed this out; what I found infuriating is that she thought that riding bitch was demeaning, and that I was less than she.

Fuck you.

A woman who rides as a passenger is not less valuable in the biker community than a woman who rides her own. Many of us "bitches" would love to be able to ride our own motorcycle, but simply can't. Motorcycle manufacturers do not make bikes to fit a woman's smaller stature, hand span, lower center of gravity, and overall strength. They manufacture motorcycles for men of about six feet in height. Smaller men often find a bit of difficulty finding the right bike. I know men of a smaller frame who are teased for riding Sporties- "a girl bike." Of course, the ribbing is usually good natured, and not meant to seriously put him down. The jokes are usually taken in stride as well. Men are kinda cool like that. Women, however, are cold blooded. "Oh..... um.... nice..... boots" does not mean that she likes your footwear. When uttered, this phrase is meant to knock you down a notch, therefore bumping her up one. It's a subtle way of of smothering a woman's soul. If she says, "Those are some fucked up boots. What the fuck, did you steal them from Bozo?" she's actually your friend. Gentlemen, are you confused? Try being a woman.

So ladies, why the hell do we do this to each other?

I understand the desire to ride your own. I have it. I just physically can't do it. It's a badge of honor that I will never earn, for reasons that are beyond my control. I took the riding course, I dumped the bike, I picked that fuckr up off the fucking ground, all by my self. I practiced until I realized that no amount of practice would make up for the fact that I am physically unable to ride a motorcycle. After bawling my eyes out like a BITCH, I decided that I was going to TAKE BITCH BACK. If I was never going to ride my own, I was going to enjoy the ride, no matter which seat I was sitting in.

Fellow Bitches, we are valuable in this community. We are not simply subserviant, sammich making ornaments who are judged by the size and firmness of our ta-tas. We are not vapid Barbies.

Ladies who ride- yes, you have earned a badge of honor. I am not begrudging you of that. Yes, I am envious. However, don't think for a minute that we Bitches are less than you. Support us. Stand up for us. As vagina holders, we need to stick together. 

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