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Sturgis Rally
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Originally posted by Buck Lovell on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 in Buck Lovell's - American Biker Blog


I thought I would take a minute and update everyone on the legal battles with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. (SMRI) over their registration of the names "Sturgis" and "Black Hills" as related to the motorcycle rally. In the federal court trial between Rushmore Photo and SMRI, depositions were supposed to start in May. SMRI filed for a summary judgment which will delay the depositions at least two months. It is a stalling tactic and will only delay the inevitable. SMRI's attorney, Jason Sneed, is fighting tooth and nail to not have the SMRI board members give depositions. One would think that if their case was as strong as they say it is that they would be anxious for it to get to court and not be stalling as much as they legally can. Rushmore Photo, through their attorney, is seeking to take depositions from many current and past SMRI board members as well as many people who have used the names "Sturgis" and "Black Hills" for years on rally related merchandise. I wonder why SMRI does not want these people questioned under oath in the depositions. What information will be revealed in this process? The court case between SMRI and Concerned Citizens for Sturgis (CCFS) that is being heard by the Federal Patent and Trademark Office is at the exact same point. Depositions were supposed to start in May. SMRI's attorney was given a list of who was to be at the depositions. Everything was set. At the very last minute Mr. Sneed filed for a summary judgment to buy another two months of time. The same question can be asked. If SMRI's case of using the verbiage "Sturgis" and "Black Hills" before anyone else selling rally merchandise is so strong, why aren't they anxious for the depositions to be taken and for this case to get to court? It's a known fact that two of the current SMRI board members used to vigorously oppose SMRI being granted a registration of these marks. They switched sides once they got a sweetheart licensing deal to produce rally merchandise. They have both, over the past several years, made numerous documented statements opposing SMRI's registration. It will be interesting to see what they say under oath when questioned by attorneys. I will continue to update you as the two trials unfold. I feel that SMRI's attorney will use every stalling tactic available. He's being paid his fees as long as these trials go on. If SMRI loses either of these court cases, this cash cow will be gone for him. I want to thank everyone who is supporting CCFS. Please keep the donations coming so we can see this through to the end. You can send donations to:

Concerned Citizens for Sturgis
P.O. Box 3162
Rapid City, SD 57709

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