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Originally posted by Buck Lovell on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 in Buck Lovell's - American Biker Blog 


Lockstraps is a new product or rather a line of products that are motorcycle friendly and keep the stuff you normally leave on your motorcycle safe from snatch-and-run" theft. Lockstraps are exactly what the name implies, locking straps. The Lockstrap product version shown here is specifically designed, and manufactured to lock-down small items such as your motorcycle helmet, and or other gear. A longer version can be threaded thru the handles and straps of ALL the gear you have packed on your bike to prevent it from simply walking away in your absence. Also available from Lockstrap Inc. are Lockstrap tie-downs that keep your motorcycle secure from theft when being trailered, or transported. More on that product in a future issue of All Lockstraps are soft, but tough nylon, with a stainless steel cable embedded through the center that resists cutting by almost anything. The Lockstraps are chrome-plate friendly because the soft nylon strap covers the cable completely. . Each Lockstrap has a super duty carabiner style mechanism with a tumbler style combination lock that can be set and reset by the owner. Sure, if a thief has 10 long foot bolt cutters he or she may be able to cut the imbedded cable, but that won't happen in a public place. If someone wants to steal your motorcycle helmet, or other item from your motorcycle, they must steal the complete motorcycle along with it if it's locked down with a Lockstrap. Check out the photos below.

This is what security looks like in the form of a Lockstrap. Simple yet tough and secure.
After setting the desired combination the lock can be used. Test the lock before using it to make sure the combination you programmed actually works. Note the wide mouth allow easy use when wearing gloves.
Simply slide the strap-loop onto the carabiner hook and close the lock.
Simply slide the strap-loop onto the carabiner hook and close the lock.
Lockstraps are easy to carry and store, yet do a man size job of securing small item to your motorcycle so they will be there when you return.

For all further information visit

LOCKSTRAPS 42319 Winchester Road Suite F, Temecula, CA 92590 

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