Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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FAST LADY GOES FASTER..................


Mother Nature really threw racers and spectators a curve at the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials this year with a massive rain storm that cancelled many passes on Sunday and closed the track on Monday. Once the rains cleared and racing appeared to get back on track, huge cross winds plagued the streamline classes who make it a point not to run with winds of 14 mph or higher. But, Jody Perewitz and Team PWITZ came to race and with winds bordering on unacceptable the beautiful J'WITZ machine rolled to the start line. Making constant body adjustments to counter wind pressure from the side, Jody made several flawless passes, one at a blistering 196.9 mph while bumping her previous FIM World Record to 189 mph. So once again this frantic beauty has laid down the gauntlet and made it perfectly clear that she is and will be a major contender for years to come.

If you'd like to follow the adventures and race schedule for Jody and Team J'WITZ visit or

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Follow the fastest woman on an American V-Twin, Jody Perewitz & Team J'Witz as she attempts to set more land speed records!

Jody and her Team J'Witz have set multiple records in 2011! She currently holds 2 land speed records with Loring Timing Association and 1 with AMA / Bub speed trials at Bonneville.
In Bonneville Jody made a pass at 203.111mph making her the first woman to go over 200 on am American V-Twin!!

Dave Perewitz is a custom bike building legend. Daughter Jody has become just as well known and respected and Dad Dave in the M/C community and is only the 3rd and youngest woman to break the 200 mph barrier at Bonneville Salt Flats. As you've probably seen or heard her one-of-a-kind machine not only appears as a piece of art but exemplifies the highest standards of craftmanship, performance and safety that set Bonneville Her one-of a kind bike will hurl the 28 year old across the salt flats!

The crew at Perewitz & friends
DP - The leader and deal maker!
Jody - The speed racer!
Lil Ron - The best crew chief!
264 - Jody bike (house number Jody grew up at)

Awards: Jody went 203.111 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Jody is the fastest woman on an American V-Twin! Currently holds FIM World record at 189.

Personal Interests: Goin' FAST!


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