Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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Creeping Who?

I bet you’re wondering who the hell this “Creeping Jennie” chick is, and why you should bother reading this blog. All right, I’ll explain.

   I’m a middle aged housewife from Rapid City South Dakota, and I like writing and motorcycles. (And world peace. Tee hee!) Unfortunately, I have some physical issues that prevent me from riding my own bike. I have had arthritis in my hands since my mid-twenties, and coupled with the insanely small size of my paws, I simply can’t pull in a clutch lever. I also have some annoying balance issues as well, so as a matter of public safety, I have decided that it’s best that I just ride bitch. My husband wants to build me a trike with a suicide clutch, but it’s fine. I’m perfectly happy sitting in the bitch seat and looking cute.

I met my husband at the 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. He made the trip from Down Under to check out the Big Rally, and report back to all of his friends from his social club back in Australia. I was there camping at the Chip with my brother and my sister in law. My purpose was to enjoy the sights, sounds, bikes and music, and do a little writing. We became friends and exchanged contact info. He went on back to Australia, and I went back home to Rapid City, and never expected to hear from him again.  Imagine my surprise when I received that first email. The rest is a long story filled with Skype dates, a few visits, a long two year wait, and a Sturgis wedding in a red and black dress. Since then, we spend the Rally week camping in our converted school bus at the Buffalo Chip. Every Thursday of the Rally is our wedding anniversary, no matter what the actual date is.

We have established a social motorcycle club here in Rapid City. It is a family centered club, with members ranging in age from eleven to seventy one years of age.

Life is good, but it’s even better on a motorcycle, even if I am “only” in the bitch seat.

(Originally Posted by Creeping Jennie on Thursday, 05 February 2015 in Blogs)

Creeping Jennie
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