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As a long time motorcycle rider and Avon tire fan I decided to switch from the Harley-Davidson OE equipment tire to the new Avon Cobra, both front and rear, on my 2010 Dyna Glide. I've been riding on Avon tires for more than 40 years starting way back in 1968.

Back then, handling and braking characteristics sometimes took a back seat to chopper styling, at least in my world. I was a chopper rider, and high mileage tires were desired. In 1968 I mounted a brand new speed 3.00/ 21" Avon Speedmaster tire on the wide glide of my Panhead Chopper. On the rear was always a 5.00/16 Avon. This was long before rain grooves became common place on freeways and highways. The ribbed tread Speedmaster was the tire to own. It was a high mileage tire and was the best tire available for 21 inch street or pavement only motorcycle applications. Its linear grooved tread provided stable steering and handling for custom choppers, especially when an Avon 5.00/16 was mounted on the rear. The chopper I'm currently building already has the wheel with Avon Speedmaster assembled and waiting. I'm told that the Speedmaster tire in its early form and design still available for most Classic and custom motorcycle applications.

Tire technology today has advanced almost to the incomprehensible stage for most of us riders. Belts, and sipes and all manner of research has gone into the contemporary designs for modern motorcycle tires. Had to happen. Horsepower ratings have increased, loads have increasing etc. That early Speedmaster design has been replaced by a modern MH90/21 tire design that ignores rain grooves while providing plenty of front wheel braking traction for all 21" wheels intended for pavement use. I've seen motorcycles with an Avon 21 inch wheel and tire on the front axle and on the rear axle. Unique, but that new 21 inch tire gets the job done.

The Cobra tires I mounted on my 2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycle now have more than 250 miles of Black Hills Canyon carving time on the clock. When the tires were mounted by the crew at Dakota V-Twin in Spearfish, South Dakota. The front wheel tire assembly required no balancing. The Avon Cobra AV7, 100/90-19 57H tire was perfectly balanced as delivered from the factory. The original tire weight was left in place indicating the only thing out of balance was the wheel itself. That was almost unheard of twenty years ago. Riding season is here big time, and its time to check that rubber. If you're in the market for new rubber for that two wheeler check out the full line-up of modern Avon rubber donuts. I'll be giving you a mileage report in 4-5 months or so.

A Bagger (FLH) tire evaluation will follow.

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