Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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When in Anaheim, California, one of the absolutely best places to eat is Kings Fish House at 1521 West Katella Avenue. A different menu is printed every day for your eating pleasure. The manager, Ron Leuang, graciously allowed us to use his front porch for our picture taking. How did I find out about how good the food is at this eatery? Devin and Mike……owners of Freedom Cycles recommended I try the food, Freedom Cycles being located directly across the street on Katella Avenue, they frequent the establishment on a regular basis, particularly the wet bar for an after work aperitif. No complaints from them. If you're a hungry hard riding Bagger owner looking to have some custom work done, you'll be wanting to take a ride over to Freedom Cycles to look at the existing Baggers in the showroom, and discussing with Devin or Mike paint or other custom options for your Harley-Davidson Bagger motorcycle. Then take a walk across the street for some chow! The motorcycle seen here, APES & FLAMES is endowed with a traditional, maybe even requisite Chopper style paint scheme with most of the mechanicals remaining stock for road burning reliability. Baggers look good in flames too! Improving the appearance of the stone stock 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King had priority over hot rod or heavy duty motor modifications. The Paint and graphics seen here were applied by Freedom Cycle using their state of the art painting facility located in an appropriately zoned area near the Katella shop and showroom location. Bagger riders seem to always ride their motorcycles a hell of a lot more than any other, and they usually take everything with them but the kitchen sink when on runs or trips. Or at least they have the option to do that much easier, and more conveniently than most Chopper or custom bike riders. A White Bros lowering kit was installed to get the slightly lowered, and aggressive posture seen here. Both front and rear wheels were swapped, the front becoming a 21" Landmark wheel with a Metzler tire. Out back a Landmark 40 spoke 18" wheel assembly mounts a Metzler 18" tire. The change is very subtle, becoming much more obvious as one's point of view gets lower to the ground. Disc pinchers are high performance Brembo units working with Brembo full floating rotors for outstanding braking when the squeeze is applied. Positve, predictable braking is a Brembo trademark. And those Brembos really look handsome after the polishing and chroming treatment given by Orange County Plating. The overall first glance impression of Apes & Flames belies the relatively limited amount of modifications made. That's not to say the paint isn't much or the chroming is less than impressive. The bike actually looks like a machine that has had a lot more work performed than actually occurred. It looks awesome, but didn't cost a fortune. But looks like it did. At any rate, if you're in the Anaheim, California area, and want some friendly advice about how to get your Bagger looking good, without spending an arm and a leg, give the folks at Freedom Cycles a jangle, they would love to help you out. 

Visit Freedom Cycles on the web at: WWW.FREEDOMCYCLES.COM


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