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Samson Exhaust




 By Buck Lovell       photos by Lovell Photography

JIMS Machine’s Timken bearing installation tool makes it possible to install the more durable Timken bearing (HD No. 9028)  and races in drive side Twin Cam cases to replace the stock INA (HD number 24604-00D)  bearings. As with any new specialty tool, reading the instructions prior to starting the installation is one the most important steps. This installation should only be performed by an experienced mechanic. Timken bearings add a significant measure of structural stiffness to the crankshaft assembly on the load bearing (drive side) of the modern Harley-Davidson power-plant at all RPM. The stock bearing is perfectly capable of handling stock motor output, but when the motor is extensively modified to produce additional horsepower and torque, the lower-end load factor is increased. That is especially true when that pumped-up motor is in a heavy Bagger or touring motorcycle, and if the rider-owner is heavy handed on the throttle more often than not. Harley-Davidson began using roller bearings on the drive-side of the case in 2003 ostensibly as a mass production cost cutting measure . INA (stock)  type roller bearings do not require the extra labor required for a typical Timken bearing installation. Timken bearings must be pressed onto the shaft, and then the drive-shaft end-play established prior to assembling the cases and flywheels. INA bearings do not. Timken bearings also require a different style of bearing race. The JIMS tool is designed to make installation of the Timken races in a late model drive-side case convenient and most importantly, with accurate alignment and location. New oil feed and drain holes are required for a Timken bearing installation. The JIMS tool includes all the required drill bits with collars, and a precise depth gauge for accurate depth and location placement when drilling the new holes in the left-hand case.



2 ton hydraulic press (must be square to within .010” ram to table

Torque wrench with inch pound rating

Torque wrench with foot pound rating

Torx drive socket for in-pound torque wrench, to torque the 6 No. 2006 flat head screws

5/32”Allen drive socket to torque the 4 No, 1234 holding the base plae

5/64” hex key Allen wrench for the No. 1267 stop collar

1/16” hex key Allen wrench for 1 No, 1264, & 1 No. 1292 stop collar

3/8” drive hand drill

Small tap handle for use with No. 2288 8-32 tap

Press fit lube (Sunnen B-200 L)



The motor has been disassembled and the stock INA bearing press out of the left hand case.


 This the JIMS  insert that will be used to properly locate the Timken bearing races in the case half.


The surfaces in the case must be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.


 The JIMS locating block is now installed in the  case and torqued into place.


 The JIMS insert mus be thoroughly cleaned prior to use.


 Green thread-lock is applied to the insert at the locations specified in the instructions.


Green thread-lock is also applied to case at specified locations.


The insert is then pressed into the case. A locator pin locates the insert properly.


 The drilling reference locator tool is now installed using the large bolt included in the kit as shown.


 The bolt is torqued according to the specs in the instructions.


The oil “feed” is now drilled after properly installing the collar on the specified drill bit to register the depth needed.


Ditto for the oil “drain” hole on the bottom of the tool.


The six holes needed to hold the insert permanently in position are now drilled with the tool acting as a template.


Using the flat-bar tool to keep the thread cutter perpendicular to the case surface the six holes are now tapped using the tap included in the JIMS kit.


Dab green thread lock on the screws, and install the screws in the six holes.


Use the specification supplied in the JIMS instructions and torque the six screws.



Install the Timken races into the insert using the JIMS tools provided.


 Press the races into place.


The partial steel ring seen here determines crankshaft end play.


With the tool in place the run-out reading was zero. .005 is the recommended end play. The partial ring seen in the previous photo will be changed to arrive at the needed clearance. Press the Timken bearings onto the drive shaft, then setup the bearing HD No, 9028 end play per 2002 FXST, Dyna-Glide or FLH Twin Cam service manual.

The installation shown here was over simplified and should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. ALWAYS follow the instructions to the letter. If you don’t know what you are doing don’t do it! For further information contact JIMS Machine ([email protected])([email protected])





For all further information regarding this and other specialty tools contact:


555 Dawson Avenue

Camarillo, CA  93012    (805) 482-6913






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