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Nothing too technical here, just Creeping Jennie's perspective on topics ranging from Rally tips, dos and don'ts, things that piss me off, and cool things I want to share.

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Don't Be A Dick

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I remember reading an online review of a Rally campground where the reviewer complained about his camping neighbor, and how he dealt with the situation. He claimed that his neighbor, who was in a dry RV, ran a generator near his tent all night long, therefore disturbing his sleep, night after night, all week long. He felt compelled to rev up his bike in the wee hours of the morning, and clearly felt justified in doing so. Now ladies and gentlemen, please ask yourself: why on earth would someone need to run a generator all night while they are asleep? The first thing that came to my mind was that the occupant of the RV probably needed to run his C-PAP machine. For those unfamiliar with this piece of medical equipment, it assists people with sleep apnea in breathing while they sleep. You know, so they don’t stop breathing and fucking die. HOW DARE Mr. DRY RV RUN HIS GENERATOR! Seriously, dude? Could you not have just talked to the guy and worked something out? Would you have felt compelled to rev your bike like a fucking dick if you knew that he was TRYING NOT TO FUCKING DIE ALL NIGHT?

I have witnessed other examples of douchebaggerey as well. A camper who was annoyed that his circuits kept popping in his big, fancy RV unplugged his neighbor’s electrical cord from the box and plugged his into his neighbor’s instead. Did he ask? Did he maybe try running less electrical shit? Nope. Just yank and plug. Dick.

One guy gets pissed off at his neighbors because he left his cooler full of beer outside his tent, and now his cooler is empty, and his neighbor is drinking his brand. He gets revenge by taking a dump behind their tent while they are out. Did he ask the neighbors if they saw what happened? Nope. Like a dick, he just assumed that they stole his beer.

A drunk cowboy gets jostled by the crowd, and starts throwing haymakers. You are a cunt. People get pushed and shoved into other people all the time. It was an accident, but because of you, someone is spitting out teeth. Next time, take a look around and don’t assume that the world is out to get you.

At our campsite, we had a stripper pole. We invited ladies from the crowd to come up and dance, and keep any tips they earned. We expected all the girls who were on the stage at the same time to evenly split all tips earned. Once I saw a woman who was not dancing grab the tip bucket, which probably had somewhere between $50 and $80, and disappear into the crowd under the premise of collecting tips for the dancers. When I caught up to her, the bucket only had a few ones in it. I grabbed the bucket and advised her that she best relinquish the bucket, and get the fuck out of my sight. She argued with me, and told me that some imaginary man told her to collect tips. I wouldn’t hear it, because I knew better. Hey lady, why did you think you needed to steal? If you needed beer money that badly, you could have just asked!

It seems to me that a lot of conflicts that arise during the Rally can be avoided by simply communicating. Is your neighbor noisy? Go talk to him. NICELY. We always make a habit of telling our Rally neighbors that we are noisy, and they are welcome to join the party, but they should not expect peace and quiet from us.

Remember, we are all here because we like one thing- motorcycles. We all come from different walks of life, different lifestyles, different ages, and different parts of the country and world. We have different religious and political beliefs, and different ethnic backgrounds. We are all united. We are all bikers.

Please give your fellow biker the courtesy and respect you would want him to give you. Don’t be a dick.

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Jennie was born and raised in the Rapid City, South Dakota area. She met a military man who dragged her around the world. After learning many Italian swear words, Jennie returned home to Rapid City, plus a couple of kids, but minus a husband. She eventually met an Australian man at the Rally and married him. She now occasionally teaches, often writes, and always enjoys the view from the Bitch Seat. Follow me on Twitter @creepingjennie


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