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Jims specialty tools are….well, special, and in most cases used for a very specific action or function. The Lift Caddy seen being installed here enables Handy Lift owners to be able to wheel their lift about WITH a motorcycle mounted. The steerable Caddy wheels can be adjusted so that when the lift is at it fully raised position, and the safety bar engaged at the highest position, the wheels come in contact with the shop or garage floor surface. The lift can then be move very conveniently. With the lift in any other position including all the way down, the lift remains immobile. Watch as the lift is installed on a handy lift at Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid City South Dakota only a stones throw away from Sturgis. Chris Myers is performing the installation with help from Bart (the dog):

Tools required:

¼” Allen wrench

¾” open-end wrench

17/8” open end wrench

2 jack stands


For all further information contact

JIMS Machine

555 Dawson DriveJIMS LIFT CADDY INSTALLBLABB test 4 complete
Camarillo, CA 93012

Phone: (805) 482-6913



IMG 9429 AA

If you're tired of muscling your Handy Lift around, installing a Jims Machine Lift Caddy is a free wheeling solution.

IMG 9431 AA

 The instructions included with the Lift Caddy dictate the use of jackstands to support the lift during installation. We used steel  barrel as shown, which is not recommended by Jims Machine. But it worked for us!

IMG 9433 AA

After lowering the lift onto our barrel supports the lower rear lift component can be raised to allow the Caddy to be installed.

IMG 9436 AA

Install the "U" shaped piece onto the lift crossmember as shown.

IMG 9437 AA

Loosely attach the caster brackets on the "U" bracket.

IMG 9438 AA

Leave the hardware finger tight until the brackets assembly has been centered.

IMG 9445 AA

Center the bracket assembly by measuring and adjusting where the barcket is located.

IMG 9444 aa

Perform finall tightening using the torque specifications  in the instructions.

IMG 9449 aa

Fit the casters into the caster bracket.

IMG 9450 aa

Spin the caster up into the bracket until it bottoms.

IMG 9456 aa

Adjust the caster height so that the casters come into play when the lift is in the fully raised position, then lock the caster in place with the lock nut.

IMG 9460 aa

Whem properly adjusted the wheels will be in contact with the floor only when the lift is in the full raised position as seen here.

IMG 9464 aa

When the lift is in the lowered position the wheels are not in contact with the floor allow the loading of motorcycles without any movement of the lift.

IMG 9463 aa