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This 20 X 30 inch framed Giclee photo-art print on canvas will be auctioned off at the annual Hamster dinner auction to benefit Childrens Hospital. Signed by Arlen Ness, it is only 1 of 2 to ever be printed in this size. The second print will be signed by the founding members of the Hamster Motorcycle Club, and will be given to Arlen. The photo was donated by Buck Lovell, Managing Editor of American Bagger and Urban Bagger Magazine.

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The icing on the cake for your total custom Harley-Davidson Big-Twin motorcycle is here! Evolution Industries now offers these truly custom stainless steel, made in America exhaust flanges for all Harley-Davidson Big- Twin motorcycles that require the use of Evolution Big Twin / Twin-Cam style exhaust flanges seen here! This is a product that make you want to say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Gte your today, supplies are limited!

For all further information please contact; www.evolution-industries.com/

Dealer inquiries welcome…….

Or call direct..

Evolution Industries
755 Penarth Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789      Phone: (909) 594-7969   Fax: (909) 595-0461
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Evolution Industries 316 Stainless Steel Exhaust Flange Kit. * Cut From Solid Billet 316 Stainless Steel. * Show Polished. * Includes Retaining Snap-Rings. * Made in The U.S.A. * Available In 3 Options of ARP Hardware: Polished 12 Points, Polished Hex Flange Nuts, or Black Oxide Flange Nuts.

EV:2835-0075 316 Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps With Polished ARP 12 point Hardware. EV:2835-0076 316 Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps With Polished ARP Hex Flange Nut Hardware. EV:2835-0077 316 Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps With Black Oxide ARP Hex Flange Nut Hardware * Note: Due To Various Exhaust Manufacturers & Exhaust Styles and Bends The 12 Point Hardware Might Interfere With Socket Drive Due To Tight Exhaust Bends Around The Flange.

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Yaffe’s Steam Roller Touring Builders Kit includes everything a builder will need to head down the road to the most incredible riding and performing big wheel custom imaginable! The Builders Kit includes:

  • 1) Shinko SRT Wide Performance Front Tire (Load Rated / Speed Rated and DOT Approved True front Tire)
  • 1) Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum 20 x 5.0 Wheel Blank (The only one of its kind / A Perfect Starting Point to Create Your Vision)
  • 1) Deep Drawn One Piece Steel Thicky Front Fender (Includes Free Corresponding Satin Spacers)
  • 1) Wide Yaxle (Includes Your Choice of 4 Styles in 2 Finishes)
  • 1) SRT Raked Neck Block Kit
  • 1) SRT Raked Triple Tree Kit

You will also need a few model specific parts depending on year and model of bike your creating an SRT from:
2006 – 2018 Street Glide, Electra Glide & Ultra Models: Exchange Swoop Outer Fairing or Rake Ring Headlight Corrector
2014 & Later Road Glides: SRT Fairing Wedge Block & Stealth Fairing Support Bar Kit
2013 & Earlier Road Glide: Exchange Raked Fairing Support Bracket and a Builders Fairing Support Bar Kit
2014 & Later Road Kings: Raked Nacelle for SRT Wide Tree
2103 & Earlier Road Kings: Raked Nacelle for SRT Wide Tree


THE MEAT: The Shinko Front tire is a TRUE front tire created specifically for the Steam Roller Touring application. It is 77H (908 lbs @ 41 PSI) load rated to ensure optimum touring performance. It is speed rated for high performance applications. It has a 28.5” diameter (90.5” Circumference) which is basically the same as a mounted 23” wheel & tire so It stays true to the big wheel lifestyle. It is the only 20” performance touring tire in the world. It’s intentional large tread construction not only provides the best looking Steam Roller profile but the ultimate tread to road contact patch and the smoothest road absorbing ride you’ve ever imagined!

THE HOOP: The American Forged one of a kind 20 x 5.0 wheel blank is the strongest and most consistent blank of its kind. The blank is precision spun and formed to current TRA spec and is the perfect starting point to create your custom Steam Roller Touring vision. The have drawings available or both rim specs and hub configurations to make machining and wheel design a breeze. Feel free to also choose from one of our Yaffe designed wheels available in both black w accent cuts or chrome plated versions in both single or dual disc applications. We offer the High 5 , Hoopla, High Roller and The New I-Beam Wheels all in our SRT format.

THE LOOK: The only way to ensure the your Steam Roller Touring project both looks and handles incredible is to add 7 degrees of rake to your frame using our patented Rake Neck Block and then correct your bikes trail by adding a set of our Steam Roller Touring wide 7 degree Triple Trees.

Please See “The Truth” for questions about raking your frame and “The Video” to learn what’s involved with the rake process. If there was a bolt-on way to accomplish this, we’d offer it….

THE DETAILS: Our wide 25mm Yaxle is CNC machined from stainless tool steel. Custom hubs will require the use of 25mm bearings. Yaxle Caps are machined for 6061-T6 Aluminum and offered in either Black or Chrome finishes. Our Thicky SRT front fender is deep drawn from one piece of 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Mounting holes are drilled at factory and our fenders are then E-coated for corrosion protection and a scuff and paint quality finish. Each SRT fender includes free billet spacers in a satin aluminum finish. Black or Chrome spacers can be requested for a $19.95 up charge. Please state year model when ordering.

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